Please make sure handle ordered is correct for your reel.

Have questions, no problem, contact us.
No returns on parts or handles ordered.

At this time you can order by phone, E-mail or click on photos below for more info and to order.

International Orders please email.

Note: Some handles will require: handle nut, lock, and screw to complete

Antique Pflueger Handles

Member of the Old Reel Collectors Association. Check out their website.

                        Example of old service kit from Pflueger

We have a large supply of parts but in limited quantities, "they aren’t making any more of these."

We have parts for Pflueger, Shakespeare, South Bend, Bronson, True Temper, Penn, and more.
The biggest issue we have is part numbers; we have a number of schematics for many old reels but, not all.
Part numbers are important for us to locate the correct part for your reel. So if possible, please have part numbers ready when calling for parts.

We also buy and sell antique reels and parts.


If you’re looking to get Grandpa's reel, or that garage sale find fixed up, we can help.
Also if you want to find out how much that reel is worth, stop by and I can give you an estimate.
We love to see those old reels and tackle.
We also have a large display of antique reels in the shop for you to view, we love hearing "Dad or Grandpa use to have a reel like that one."

Antique Reel Parts and Repair