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Reel Service Pricing 
Updated 5-20-2016

At Mat's Reel Repair fishing reel repair is our business.
All fishing reels will be taken completely apart, Cleaned by hand and ultrasonic, Inspected, and Reassembled with new lubrication.

Spincast Reel Cleaning - $20.00
Spinning Reel Cleaning - $20.00
Baitcaster Reel Cleaning (Round and Low Profile) - $25.00
Calcutta TE & D, Curado, Revo, Lexa, Tranx, Sustain, Luna, Millionaire and 2 speed reels - $35.00
Large saltwater spinning and conventional reels - $40.00   
Stella - $50.00   

 If dropping off or mailing in, please do not put reels in reel boxes you want back.

Super tuning

Our super tuning service is the same as our regular service. We believe every reel we get should be done the same way "correctly". Doing it right isn't any harder it just feels better. We offer Boca Bearings and their famous Orange Seal bearings as upgrades at an additional price. We also offer Carbontex drag washers as a great upgrade to stop those lunkers.

Reel Repair

Reel repair pricing: service cost plus fishing reel parts if required.

All repairs will be done as quickly as possible. we have a large parts inventory, but due to the vast number of fishing reels on the market we may not have your exact part at the time of service. These parts will be ordered as soon as possible to get you fishing.

Salt-X treatment will be used on all reels used in saltwater. Salt-X counteracts Chloride salts by attacking, disolving, deactivating, and removing salt water deposits from the surfaces of your reels.

Expedited service for $15.00 extra per reel just in case you have to have them done in a hurry. Expedited service can only be offered when any needed parts are in stock. Generally a 24 hour turn around.

Estimate charge of $10.00 will be charged if service is refused after estimate.

Excessively dirty reels will be charged an additional $5.00 per reel.

There is a $10.00 minimum fee on all repairs. This includes bail spring replacement and pawls or when no service is required.

Abu Garcia Anti-Reverse Bearings $10.00 Installed (these bearings need to be pressed in). We also carry bearing and gear upgrades for many reels.

Custom Power Handles

We machine our handles out when replacing a stock handle with a thicker one. This helps prevent stripping the treads of the handle shaft and nut by giving you an extra couple or threads. This little trick can save you time and money in the long run. We can machine your handle for a small fee and keep you on the water longer. 

Line Winding
We carry a variety of popular fishing lines so we can put your favorite line on your reel for just the cost of the line. No labor charge for putting line on at Mat's Reel Repair, even if you supply the line!

Return Shipping
Our preferred method of shipping is USPS Priority, cost for the first reel is $12.00 and $1.00 for each additional reel. 

UPS shipping is available at an additional cost based on package and destination.

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